Five years ago I started designing logos under the name "Land & Sea Co."

To be honest - I started the company because I was sick of looking for a job during the aftermath of a recession. But lucky me - I quickly found that running this company would be the most satisfying challenge I've ever accepted.



In October of 2011, I wrote to my business parter:

Some days, this stuff we do is just a job. Clock-in, clock-out. Make that list. Check that box. Drop Post-its like they're hot. Etc.

But every once and awhile - it's something else. On those days, it's about exploration, imagination, creating our own reality, forging our own path.



Now, half a decade later, I'm still forging my own path, designing beautiful things for clients with great ideas. I'm doing what I love, and I have you to thank for that.

To celebrate, I'm releasing two new products. Think of them as traveling mementos from one explorer to another. Here's to you. May these trinkets keep you company on whatever journey you're taking. 


Land & Sea Pin
Land & Sea T-shirt