“Better You. Better World”

The Challenge: How do you get people who hate exercising to exercise?

Solution: First thought: yell at people until they gave in and went to the gym. Unfortunately, life isn’t bootcamp. Instead, my team appealed to a different kind of peer pressure: social good. Taking cues from popular marathons and walk-a-thons, the BeneFit team built an app that would give corporations the ability to reward their employees if they made good health choices, by donating money to cause their employees cared about. Employees are healthier, businesses have a more engaged standing in the community, and causes receive much-needed funding from corporate sponsors. Win. Win. Win. I developed the brand identity, brand voice, app prototypes, and all of the collateral designs for this startup as it launched. I also ran more than I have ever run before.



  • Naming

  • Tagline

  • Identity Design

  • App UI Design

  • Brochure & Collateral Design