Human trafficking Center



“Seek knowledge. Secure Freedom.”

The Challenge: Engage students in the fight against global human trafficking.

The Solution: The Human Trafficking Center was founded at the University of Denver as a way to connect student research with the on-the-ground organizations fighting human trafficking with very little verified research. I was tasked with two goals: engage students at the University of Denver to join the Center and contribute research, and engage millennials, broadly, with ways to get involved in the fight against trafficking.

My design solution blended a modern look with softer color tones to separate the clinic from on-the-ground, non-academic trafficking organizations. My copywriting and campaign themes focused on solutions to the atrocity of trafficking, never using “tragedy porn” as a way to engage.



  • Naming

  • Tagline

  • Identity Design

  • Website Design

  • Brochure & Collateral Design