“Hanger Management”

The Challenge: Design a simple way to satisfy your hunger when you just don’t know what to choose.

The solution: Read your mind.

No, seriously. Land + Sea worked with a team of talented developers and product managers in Los Angeles to design an artificial intelligence that will learn your eating preferences and help you find the menu item you need to fulfill your “kraving”, at the moment you get hungry. Kraver was originally concepted as a web-based mobile app, but after a few rounds of feedback, our team realized the simplest solution is one that exists on messaging platforms everyone already uses: MMS, Slack, Facebook, Alexa, and Google Home. Land + Sea developed the tone and voice of the Kraver intelligence to keep the brand consistent across multiple mediums. After a couple quirky QandA’s about your food-mood, Kraver expertly recommends a local dish to order with the friendliness of Barefoot Contessa and the wit of Anthony Bordain. 

The product is set to launch in beta on Slack in the coming months.



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