The Naturalist


“Thoreau enjoyment”

The Challenge: Communicate the importance of the natural world within a classy cocktail bar.

The Solution: My client was passionate about creating a bar where people could escape the chaos of the everyday and reconnect to their roots; a space that could remind us to be open to learning – from each other, and from the complicated, beautiful world around us.

I answered the challenge by developing a brand concept based on the language, “A natural environment”. The brand emerged from diverse elements, from camping to academia. I borrowed inspiration from Darwin-era writings, boy scout textbooks, Walden Pond and a myriad of botanical drawings. The final designs merged all of these elements and topped them off with a bit of humorous copy to keep my client’s fans coming back for more.

Come in, relax, and enjoy human nature.



  • Naming

  • Tagline

  • Identity Design

  • Brand Strategy